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How do I qualify?

What you’ll need
1. Mini – $100 to $600 2. KickStart – $1,000 to $3,000 3. Coming Soon – $5,000 to $20,000
1. Mini loans range in term from 2 to 43 days 2. KickStart loans range in term from 3 to 14 months
1. You need to be a New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or possess a valid work visa; 2. You need to be at least 18 years of age; 3. You need an active bank account (for at least one pay cycle); 4. You need to be employed and your income must be electronically transferred into your bank account on a regular basis; 5. Your net income needs to meet the minimum requirement of $400 per week; 6. You need a valid email account; 7. You need an active mobile phone; 8. You need verifiable identification

Save My Bacon Loans

Save My Bacon NZ is a flexible, competitive, and safe loan provider that Kiwis have learned to appreciate and respect for his unique, customer-centred approach. Often in life, it is not a question of whether to apply for a loan, but of how much you can get. The lender and your personal and financial circumstances determine how much you can borrow. Your income sources and level, marital status, expenses, and the reason you need to borrow are the main factors according to data of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Your journey to favourable lending begins with Save My Bacon login now. Read all about the lender below. 

Loan Products

payday loan save my baconThe lender provides loans from $100 to $3,000, repayable over a period ranging from 2 days to 3 years chosen by the borrower. Save My Bacon’s interest rates are more than reasonable. The rate is approx. 1.5% a day for Mini loans, which are from $100 to $600. Their KickStart loan, from $1,000 to $3,000, comes with a rate of around 9% per month. Partially, this loan category falls under the scope of SACC (Small Amount Credit Contract) products, corresponding to loans of up to $2000 for periods of between 16 days and a year.

The lender will begin offering larger loans in the near future – $5,000 to $20,000 at around 19.95% annual interest.

Your Save My Bacon Service: Getting Started

To apply for a loan, there are a few requirements you need to meet:

  1. Be a citizen or permanent resident of NZ;
  2. Have an active bank account;
  3. Be 18 or older;
  4. Be employed.

You also need to:

  • Provide verifiable photo ID;
  • Have a valid mobile phone and email address.

Details are available on the official website.

Application is 100% online. If you have any questions, you can call Save My Bacon’s phone number during opening hours, which are 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday excluding holidays. When you get your login data, keep in mind you might be eligible for Save My Bacon’s promo code.

Save My Bacon Loans From $100 to $3,000 — IPayLoans.comHow it works

Save My Bacon is a technology-based company that uses software automation, smart design and exceptional personal service to restore trust in the lending industry and to help responsible borrowers take control of their finances.

Our fair assessment process evaluates your unique financial situation and we look at more than just your credit score. This helps us build a better picture of your full financial profile so we can offer you a fixed-rate personal loan.

How is the Save My Bacon application process different?

We have built a secure and personalised online application process that takes just a few minutes to complete.

Sign your contract online and, once we have assessed your application, you will be provided with a loan decision. If we approve your loan on any business day, we will make the payment to your bank on the same day.

Our expert customer happiness specialists will personally handle any service questions or issues for the life of your loan, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

save my bacon new zealand

3 Reasons To Apply  

1. Save My Bacon Co NZ is Flexible

Save My Bacon is on the forefront of a wave of ultramodern lenders who are revolutionizing the loan industry. The company gives Kiwis access to simple, valuable products and clarifies all costs up front. Their proprietary platform cuts out the middleman to launch new products and create credit profiles that run the gamut of lending needs nationwide. Save My Bacon has a Christchurch-registered address – the existence of a physical address sets them apart from many other online lenders and adds to their credibility. They offer a flexible way to get cash fast and a reasonable interest rate. You can always get in touch with Save My Bacon at contact number 0800 272836, toll free.  

2. Save My Bacon is Competitive 

Major Oceania banks like CommBank, NAB, and Westpac are reducing their rates in a desperate attempt to hold on to their share of the loan market, which is quickly being appropriated by online lenders. Save My Bacon strikes the perfect balance between high-tech features (with its state of the art platform) and personalized customer service in recognition of the fact that Kiwis now prefer easily accessible products. These products reflect their personal finance needs to the utmost extent. In what’s been almost a decade on the loan market, Save My Bacon’s contacted countless borrowers and lent to more than 150,000 people.

The company places great emphasis on the human factor. Their kind, courteous staff has raised the bar for customer service, setting a hallmark example of what commitment is like.

3. Guaranteed Safety and Security

Save My Bacon takes the strictest possible security measures to protect their clients. You don’t need to worry about third parties obtaining access to your personal data. The fast online application system is equipped with the latest SSL encryption on par with that used by top international banks, ensuring client data is fully protected.

When Do I Get My Moolah from Save My Bacon?

When you apply for a loan online, the lender will receive your application at once and start processing it. It’s possible to get an outcome on the same business day, meaning the money will be transferred to a bank account provided by you THAT SAME DAY. If you apply outside opening hours, you’ll get an outcome the next business day.

Does Save My Bacon Accept Early Repayment?

Yes, and borrowers save on interest and fees if they pay their loans off early and in full. There is no fee on requesting early repayment. The lender encourages customers to call their repayment specialists so their payment schedule can be adjusted to avoid making an unnecessary instalment.

Defaulting on Your Save My Bacon Loan

Save My Bacon checks all applications thoroughly and never lends to anyone who won’t be able to repay the loan according to their experts. Before an agreement is entered into, the lender informs the applicant of the repayment term and when full repayment can be expected. Still, people’s situations can change. This is why the lender asks customers to communicate any changes as soon as possible so their consultants can renegotiate the loan terms. They understand people experiencing unexpected financial struggles. They realize one’s expenses can spiral out of control at the drop of a hat.

In line with their commitment to outstanding services, the lender has several options in place to help the borrower avoid defaulting. If you are at risk of falling behind on payments, do call the lender or email them. Save My Bacon’s email address is [email protected].

Save My Bacon: Apply Now

Apart from the services described, this lender offers clients a number of perks and even some opportunities to win money. For example, one lucky person walked away with $50,000 in Save My Bacon’s secret sound competition recently. Regular customers can avail of Save My Bacon promo codes. 

Apply now – with Save My Bacon, the likelihood of your application being approved is as great as you deserve. Nobody is immune to financial hardship, but the lender’s transparent solutions have helped many New Zealanders survive it.

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